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          Horizontal single-stage single suction centrifugal pump with overhung impeller
          Horizontal single-stage double suction centrifugal pump
          Horizontal multilevel festival stages centrifugal pump
          Horizontal multistage split casing centrifugal pump
          Horizontal multi-casing multistage split casing centrifugal pump
          Vertical single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump
          Vertical multilevel festival stages centrifugal pump
          Vertical multistage centrifugal barrelpump
          Vertical mixed flow pump
          Vacuum pump
          TEL: 86-533-4131166
          FAX: 86-533-4163157
          ADD: 27 Liuhang Road,Boshan,Zibo City,
            Shandong Provience,P.R.China
          MAIL: foreigntrader@boshanpump.com.cn
          Name:RN Melt urea pump
          Codename:General instruction: This series of RN and AC pumps are single stage, single suction, horizontal centrifulgal pumps with overhumg impeller. The series of RN pumps are used for pumping 20~140℃ melt urea, to prevent liquid crystallization, there are jackets on the casings, in order to keep warm by infusing ≤0.6Mpa steam. There are two shaft seal forms: mechancial seal and soft packing seal. The flowing parts are made of stainless steel. The characteristics of AC type pumps are the rotor parts are equipped with auxiliary impeller seal and shut down seal. According to the concentration of the medium, viscosity of slurry and corrosion, attrition, may choose different kinds of impeller (open or closed); and also can choose different meterials and different kinds of drive. We also and produce the other performance AC pump to satisfy the requirement of the users.
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